RECIPE: Monkey Sushi 🐒


Currently, the favourite after school snack in Cat’s house is Monkey Sushi. The kids devour it!!

It’s quick and easy to make, it’s healthy, and it’s filling, so it’s the perfect thing to munch on before heading out to do ALL THE ACTIVITIES. Check out the recipe below and give it a try yourself!


  • Tortilla wrap

  • Peanut Butter (we like natural peanut butter, but you can use any kind)

  • Banana

  • Rice Krispies


  1. Lay the tortilla out flat.

  2. Spread an even layer of peanut butter on the tortilla, leaving a 1-inch border (give or take).

  3. Add a full banana to the centre of the tortilla.

  4. Sprinkle Rice Krispies all over it.

  5. Fold in opposite sides of the tortilla; roll up burrito-style. Make sure it’s rolled nice and tight!

  6. Cut into pinwheels, sized to your kids’ preference.

    And voila! You now have the cutest little sushi bites ever.

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