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Nat here with an exciting announcement for you!

I haven’t felt like myself for five years now.

For five years, I have NOT doubted that I’m beautiful or less than anything. But, for five years, I have found it increasingly more difficult to do simple daily tasks like tie up my shoes. Far too often, I ask my kids to do things for me because I. AM. UNCOMFORTABLE.

I have turned to WW Canada three times in my life and it worked every single time. So today, I’m starting again. WW is MY tool that I use (and quite honestly, that I need) to help get myself to where I want to be.

Anyone who knows me personally or follows us on social media knows that I’m a happy person, but I want to find my happy in my body too! This decision isn’t at all tied to my self-worth, instead it’s about feeling healthy and comfortable in my skin again. So, that’s my WHY. And that’s why the two of us have become WW Ambassadors.

Cat and I always support each other in everything we do, so she will join me on this journey and do it by my side so that I am not alone and to help hold me accountable. We’re in this together and if you want to be a part of it too, you can click here for a special offer.

We will share our recipes and success along the way! There will be no failures because there is no failure in trying to get healthier and anything counts: mental, physical, spiritual any of it, y’all. So let’s all support each other, stay accountable and HAVE FUN!

You got this 💪🏼 … and so do I! 

xx Nat (+ Cat) 

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