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So we actually just don’t have words to describe it. Feeling slightly terrified, part of us freaks out a bit because we’ve never done anything mainstream. Everything we’ve done has been the two of us, creating, failing, succeeding but never with the pressure of performing against charts and measurements. It feels a little like stepping into a new world when the only world we’ve known is with all of you. But as we do....today we will hold our breath, work our asses off to get this book out there because it’s not “just a book” to us. It’s the book we needed when we didn’t have each other, it’s the book that you can pick up and put down without it telling you what to do, it’s the book that you can laugh at and with because shoot the realities of motherhood are ridiculous, it’s also the book that reminds you even when you feel like you’re so alone (even though you’re never alone) you’re really not. And most importantly it’s the book that reminds you that we’re all going to be ok even when we feel like we’re not because what’s motherhood without the bumps and bruises and a whole hell of a lot of love ❤️ 

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Catherine Moro