PODCAST: Don't Overcomplicate It - Just Start

In this episode, we look back to seven years ago when we started all of this (and everyone thought we were crazy), and we realize just how far we've come. We continue to put things out there into the universe and then those things come to fruition, but it's not just "luck" or "coincidence" - it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance and it's all about believing in yourself and not taking "no" for an answer. We share some important advice on how to grow a brand/business and what it comes down to is just starting and not stopping!!

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  • If we could give one piece of advice to moms trying to transition after having kids and wanting to start something on their own, it’s that there is no “good” time and there is no break. As our kids get older, there isn’t more time to breathe, nothing calms down. You're not going to have more time, you won't have more capability, you don't get more sleep, you don't feel like you have more money. There is nothing that's coming down the pipeline that’s going to make things easier for you if you don't start today. Don't wait for a "better" time. Whatever your idea is - start today.

  • From a business perspective, there are so many reasons why moms don't and there are so many reasons why moms can't and it's overwhelming. But if you have an idea, just start and see how it goes. You're not going to go viral by doing nothing.

  • If we had stopped and waited for something to happen to us, we wouldn't be here right now.


    1. If you're afraid to post, you're not going to sell anything.

    2. Tell me why I need what you're selling because I don't know. You're the expert, not me, so get in my face and actually tell me what your product/service is going to do for me. Why do I need this?

    3. Don't think you're annoying. People need to be told what to do. Be a constant reminder on your own feed - your customers will appreciate it.

    4. Believe in your product.

    5. In business, "no" does not mean no, it means you have to think about it and go about it a different way.

    6. Focus on the people that you have (your community, customers and followers) and think about the ways you can access them and what you can offer them right now that nobody else can.


  • If you are a mom, you have worked harder and have figured out more sh*t in your life than anybody else. You've had to figure out how to keep a human alive. So if you're second-guessing yourself about how to start a business or if you can do it - you can absolutely do it, because there is nothing harder than keeping a person alive and actually raising a human to be a functioning adult in this world. So stop saying you can't do it and starting figuring it out, because you figure out everything else.


  • We believe in putting out into the universe what it is that we want, and if we were to write down all of the "luck" and "coincidences" that we've experienced, we wouldn't be taking for granted what we're doing right now. If we were to look back on everything that we have done, we've put it out there into the universe and then it comes to us.

  • We need to vision board what we dream for the future because the universe doesn't know to give it to you if you don't tell it what you want.

  • I realize my life won't change if I don't change it. My life would keep going on the same track if I didn't take risks or make moves. When people say kids grow up fast, our life goes by fast too. I'm on a freight train that's not stopping and if I'm not making the most of my life while trying to parent them, I'm f*cked.


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