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PODCAST: Don't Overcomplicate It - Just Start

In this episode, we look back to seven years ago when we started all of this (and everyone thought we were crazy), and we realize just how far we've come. We continue to put things out there into the universe and then those things come to fruition, but it's not just "luck" or "coincidence" - it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance and it's all about believing in yourself and not taking "no" for an answer. We share some important advice on how to grow a brand/business and what it comes down to is just starting and not stopping!!

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  • If we could give one piece of advice to moms trying to transition after having kids and wanting to start something on their own, it’s that there is no “good” time and there is no break. As our kids get older, there isn’t more time to breathe, nothing calms down. You're not going to have more time, you won't have more capability, you don't get more sleep, you don't feel like you have more money. There is nothing that's coming down the pipeline that’s going to make things easier for you if you don't start today. Don't wait for a "better" time. Whatever your idea is - start today.

  • From a business perspective, there are so many reasons why moms don't and there are so many reasons why moms can't and it's overwhelming. But if you have an idea, just start and see how it goes. You're not going to go viral by doing nothing.

  • If we had stopped and waited for something to happen to us, we wouldn't be here right now.


    1. If you're afraid to post, you're not going to sell anything.

    2. Tell me why I need what you're selling because I don't know. You're the expert, not me, so get in my face and actually tell me what your product/service is going to do for me. Why do I need this?

    3. Don't think you're annoying. People need to be told what to do. Be a constant reminder on your own feed - your customers will appreciate it.

    4. Believe in your product.

    5. In business, "no" does not mean no, it means you have to think about it and go about it a different way.

    6. Focus on the people that you have (your community, customers and followers) and think about the ways you can access them and what you can offer them right now that nobody else can.


  • If you are a mom, you have worked harder and have figured out more sh*t in your life than anybody else. You've had to figure out how to keep a human alive. So if you're second-guessing yourself about how to start a business or if you can do it - you can absolutely do it, because there is nothing harder than keeping a person alive and actually raising a human to be a functioning adult in this world. So stop saying you can't do it and starting figuring it out, because you figure out everything else.


  • We believe in putting out into the universe what it is that we want, and if we were to write down all of the "luck" and "coincidences" that we've experienced, we wouldn't be taking for granted what we're doing right now. If we were to look back on everything that we have done, we've put it out there into the universe and then it comes to us.

  • We need to vision board what we dream for the future because the universe doesn't know to give it to you if you don't tell it what you want.

  • I realize my life won't change if I don't change it. My life would keep going on the same track if I didn't take risks or make moves. When people say kids grow up fast, our life goes by fast too. I'm on a freight train that's not stopping and if I'm not making the most of my life while trying to parent them, I'm f*cked.


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PODCAST: You Have A Voice

It's back to school for the kids and back to work for us! In this week's episode we focus on all things content - what it is, how we are consuming it and how it’s shaping our society, how we create it and what we do when we find ourselves in a "content rut" as a brand and a business. And of course when things get too serious, we throw in some dirty talk because that's just how we roll.

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  • Creating content is our job. And content is basically ideas that are shared on different platforms. Why content is so f*cked up is because people consume it as though it is their own ideas and beliefs, so they begin to follow whatever they want to follow and internalize it. Content is now your voice and your connection to the world, so be careful of what you're consuming, because it will become a part of you. What you follow is what you're thinking. It's no longer conversations with people that shape your thoughts, it's what you're reading on social media every day.

  • If you are struggling with what content is or how to make it, all you need to do is dial in to who you are because you have a unique voice. People forget that their content comes from within them. It's not something you look around to create - you have to share what is your own unique voice in this world.

  • It's so much easier said than done to find your own voice and know your own self. But you don't have to be an expert in what you know, all you have to do is share what you're thinking. There is no right or wrong in sharing what you're thinking... unless you have strong opinions on something that's bad or wrong, but even then you'll still have an audience. You have a voice.

  • You can Google how to make content - that's how crazy the Internet is right now. There are even spreadsheets online that tell you what content does well. It's foolproof other than you being a fool for not trying it!

  • If you are struggling with content right now, it does not have to be on brand. Just get content out. If you're in a content rut, get it out and let it go. You never know what's going to resonate with someone. So don't just sit there and try to think about something super intellectual or moving to share, talk about what you're living and that will most likely be interesting to people.

  • When we're in a content rut, we share what we're feeling because it's always something that is honest and something we don't have to think a lot about. We sometimes go to old content and pull it back up again because it is our content, so why not re-use it? Why try to re-create something that we used two years ago that we loved and still resonates today? You can post a memory, if you're stuck, just throwback to something. Don't overthink this - you make content in your head all day.

  • If you ever think that someone is bigger than you or better than you, just think about the weird sh*t they do in the bedroom. Just think about that. Everyone's the same.

  • Every person who looks like they're succeeding is definitely struggling with something. No one is 100% succeeding. No one's life is 100%. So if they're killing it in one area, something else is failing. That's life.


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PODCAST: Your Worth Isn't Tied To Anybody

We're back with our FOURTH season of #MOMTRUTHS, The Podcast! In this episode, we chat about how to get your head back into a good space so that you can move forward in business, breaking free from trends, and what's next for us. Of course we go on a million different tangents and drop a few f-bombs throughout, but that's just how we roll.

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  • Personally, you can feel great and amazing. But as an entrepreneur, there are times when you're going to feel like you're not enough or you're frustrated because everyone is doing more than you and it looks like everyone is making more money and moving faster, and just when you start to master something, somebody else is onto the next thing.

  • In our area, when I see people who have become successful in something we would like to eventually be successful in, I feel proud for them. I feel so happy that they finally got there and it also motivates me! Sometimes when it looks like things aren't working or you feel like things are chugging along slower, it helps you realize that it can still happen for you too.

  • The people who are more successful are motivators. If they can do it, so can we.

  • Our journey isn't about acceleration. We can never jump a step and we have to do things in a way that makes sense because we have no training in anything, so we constantly do tiny steps.

  • You have been taught to believe that when something is a proven success, you can imitate the same format and be successful. So sometimes that is a safe bet, although for longevity, if you're not unique, you're not going to last.

  • If you are feeling like you're not enough when you look at Instagram and your likes and your follows, take a page from Gary Vee and post things that you know won't do well because I think you alleviate the pressure. Post things that mean something to you, not to somebody else. Start posting things that make you feel good for you even though other people don't value it. F*ck the trend. Maybe that will alleviate your anxiety.

  • Make sure you wake up and actually like what you're doing. You can have moments where you don't like it, but you need to be able to say that you like your mission, your product, and your brand. Because if you don't like it, people are going to feel it.


  • We don't try to be something we're not. It would be so exhausting to copy people. Be inspired, but don't copy.

  • We don't wait for anybody. No one can get you anywhere, only you can get yourself there.

  • Your worth is not tied to anybody. No one is bigger than you.

  • If you feel like you're failing the game, go start your own game.


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Since we’re taking a bit of a break before we dive into Season 4 of our #MOMTRUTHS podcast, we thought this would be the perfect time to do a round up of our Top 5 episodes!

A little bit of mom life, a little bit of business, a little bit of “off the rails” and a whole lot of fun - that’s what our podcasts are all about. Check out the episodes below and stay tuned for a new season launching at the end of the summer!

#1: Let's Start At The Beginning...

For our very first episode we're bringing it back to the VERY beginning when we first met. We're talking high school, some questionable choices, and what our life looked like before we became moms and before we became close friends.

#4: The Cool One and The Rogue One...

In this episode, we get into specifics about who does what in the business, and how our children really see us and our jobs. Oh, and we get a little bit off topic as per usual.

#13: Our List of "Failures"

In this one we get into the Mom Rut a little bit more and explain why we felt so compelled to book a vacation with our kids for two weeks in February. Spoiler Alert: It's all about smiling. We also go on a nice little tangent about what some of our "failures" have been and how we don't let them become setbacks.

#23: Living for Mondays vs Fridays

Do you think we could actually get through an entire episode being serious about entrepreneurship? Well, we didn't, BUT we did talk a lot about the types of jobs we've had and what our motivations behind them were. Lots of entrepreneur talk, but also the occasional masturbation discussion.

#25: We're Done Being Nice

As two women tackling a heck of a lot on a daily basis between our business and our families, we got to a point where we realized we are just done being nice to individuals before we've been nice to ourselves. Don't compromise yourself to try and be nice to someone else because that's when people get exhausted and defeated. Stay true to yourself and you'll be much better off. Oh, and swallow your balls.....that's an inside joke for anyone who listens to the full episode.

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SURPRISE! We are back for a special BONUS episode, and we're talking all about going after what you want and doing things for YOU. In both business and motherhood, it’s so important to focus on yourself and to do what is best for you in order to pave your own path, move forward and achieve success (whatever success means to you).

And that's why being a #FabFitFunPartner is the perfect fit for us, because anything that allows women to treat themselves, and puts a smile on their face, and offers value - that's what we're all about.

FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box that offers full size beauty, fashion, home, fitness and wellness products (worth over $200+) for only $49.99 a box. It's the adult loot bag, ya'll, and you can customize it too! We love it, and you guys deserve it, so head over to to sign-up and use the promo code MOMTRUTHS to get $10 off your first box.



  • Social media is an amazing thing but it's also a really hard thing because you see everyone else doing and being and achieving and you're sitting there watching. And you don't want to watch, you want to do.

  • For all the entrepreneurs out there, your eyes are always looking at everybody else to see what's working. It's natural. There is nothing wrong with being inspired by other people, but if you are looking around and it seems like everybody is doing what you've been doing for a while, it's time to make the next move.

  • We want to reach more moms, but we want to give them value and an experience, and I think in business that is forgotten. In business, if you can put aside strictly numbers and think about why you're doing what you do, it will lead you to success. If you want it and you love it, then other people will love it too.

  • If you're in the business rut - which means you don't know what your next move is, you don't feel like you're successful, you feel like you've been grinding but you don't know how to change the game, you feel like everyone around you is succeeding - often this feeling of anxiety comes from not knowing what's next.

  • What's success anyways? For some people it's setting a goal, crushing the goal and then setting another goal. The two of us have never set a goal, so maybe that's a problem. We don't have goals, we go wherever life takes us. Some people need goals and some people are intuitive people.

  • I don't know if it's an insult or a compliment when people are like "I can't believe what you've done!" I don't think anyone expected much for us at all. When we started this, I think people kinda rolled their eyes, but we worked our asses off like it was going to be something.

  • If you're struggling in any way, feeling like you're not enough or you can't do something, fuck that and figure it out. And don't wait for someone to do it for you. No one is showing up at your door and handing anything to you on a platter.

  • If you're an entrepreneur, stop sitting there and waiting for someone to show up and do something for you. No one has opened a door for us, no one has turned a key for us. People have taken chances on us, but that's because we put ourselves out there to allow people to take the chance. It's because we made the chance possible for them to take a chance on us. Everything we've done, we've earned.


  • So many women, and so many moms especially, don't do anything for themselves. Even when they come to a live show, they feel guilty walking out the door, they feel guilty about having fun, they feel guilty about missing bedtime even though they've done it every day for 15 years. So for us, we want women to leave us feeling good and feeling like they have permission to have fun, so that's why this mission is so important to us.

  • As a mom, we figure everything out. Don't ever underestimate the power of your motherhood. We're a strong culture. So take some of the time that you dedicate to your kids and do something for yourself to fill up your bucket. Do something that makes you happy or maybe try something new.


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PODCAST: The Weight Is On Women

When you’re the one trying to plan date night, and packing the lunches, and managing homework, and tutoring, and sleepovers, and the kids frustrations, and your partners frustrations, and trying to work yourself, etc etc…’s a LOT. This episode is all about the weight that most women carry that still goes unacknowledged in most families. Maybe inspired by Father’s Day.


  • The more I'm having these conversations, the more I realize that women are afraid to say it out loud because they don't want to seem like that they have a problem in their marriage or that they're disrespecting their husband.

  • There is such a huge, heavy thing about being in a marriage or a relationship when you have children, but we don't talk about it a lot. But when you crack open the conversation, there is a flood of people wanting to open up about it.

  • You have a partner, and you're supposed to do it together, but it's all weighing so much more on you. And they may appreciate you sometimes, but they don't really see it for the way it is.

  • The mental fatigue of motherhood is so bonkers.

  • Women are the gatekeepers of the memories, they're the memory makers. We often create the moments that make things special.

  • You are allowed to talk about this stuff and how everything is overwhelming, and you are also allowed to like your life and be happy.

  • Women aren't "suppose" to need help, so we need to give them permission to ask for help and take some time for themselves. We're so concerned about women's mental heath and self-care, but we need to start taking care of each other.

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PODCAST: How Badly Do You Want It?

Well that was kind of all over the place, but we think there was some pretty good stuff in this episode! Whether you're a woman, a mom or an entrepreneur, there are going to be things in here that are relatable to you, because in all honesty, each of those roles are parallel to one another.



  • From a business perspective, I think you can get really lost in what people tell you - in the conversations and the advice. So much of what we want to hear is what the right answer is, because it's so hard to listen to yourself and make a gut decision. But in those moments where you take a risk and you "fail," that's part of learning, growing and understanding.

  • Through experiences of failing, we've come to understand that if we tried it and it didn't work, we'd modify it and go back and try again. It didn't deter us, but we also didn't beat the dead horse.


  • The expectations are so f*cked between men and women, and husbands and wives. I really think we married the wrong generation. I feel like we're raising our kids to understand that it's not women who have one job and men who have another - you're a team. This millennial generation is the beginning of something great, because the pressures that men and women face are now going to be shared.

  • The mental load that men and women carry are so different. I will never get over the mental load of motherhood, and the fact that no one talks about it.

  • Motherhood and entrepreneurship are parallel to each other. All moms should be entrepreneurs because we are professional problem-solvers. There is no problem that's not solvable - it's just how you look at it.


  • There are some things we can't control, and we understand that. If it doesn't work out then it wasn't meant to be.

  • The reason we don't see failure is because it's a stepping stone for us. Life gives you situations so that you can grow, because if you were given what you wanted right away, it might not be the right time. For us, nothing ever comes right away, we have to take baby steps and we have to do the work to get to where we want to go.

  • There is no "no" - if we really want it, "no" is not an option. But not only do you have to want it, you have to figure out how to go about it and how far you're willing to go for it.

  • Think of your reason why, but don't let your ego be the reason why.

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PODCAST: Everything We Do Stems From A Purpose

In this week's episode, we're talking all about women and moms being successful in business. We also share details about our new, super fun Virtual VIP event. And this is the second episode where we didn't go into the gutter! (...until the end.)



  • Everything we do stems from a purpose. We're not just trying to make more money. If you did it just for money, you'd burn out, get bored or move on. It wouldn't be enough.

  • At the same time, we can't just do what we do for free. When we take time away from our families and our children, there has to be an exchange.

  • At the end of the day, our mission is always the same and it came from a need that we had as moms. We didn't have that connection and that support system we needed in motherhood, so we created it for ourselves and for all of you.

  • Everything we do is about informing you, making you feel like you’re a part of something, and giving you permission to be the best mom you can be - whatever version that is. And being “the best mom” is not something you can attain, it's something you feel.

  • If you go back to every single thing we've done, everything we've offered you guys, it has always been something that we felt we needed or wanted.

  • There was a time when a man told us not to share anything but the motherhood side of this journey because if we did, we'd no longer be relatable to women. We were told that if we shared the business side, it would take us out of this sphere of motherhood, because when you see a women who is successful, apparently she can't be a mother too. When a women appears to be successful, it discredits her as a mother. But the business side is such a big part of our life, and if we're trying to be honest, then we have to share everything.

  • We can be silly moms on a couch and also be running a successful business, and that's okay. It’s honest to share all of that.

  • I hate the word authenticity, I hate the word relatable, I hate all those words because they represent something that doesn't actually exist. I'm relatable to some, but I'm unrelatable to others - that's a fact. I don't think we have to be relatable, I think we have to be us.

  • It's okay to ask for what you deserve and what you want. You may not get it right then and there, but it's important to put yourself out there and have a voice.


  • As a mom, we all do it differently, but we all feel the exact same. We all love our kids the exact same.

  • Before you go and judge another mother, realize she has the same fears, hopes, dreams, and love for her kids as you do for your kids.

  • When we started out as moms, we judged the different ways moms did things due to our own immaturity and lack of experience in motherhood. When you judge, it also comes from an internal insecurity because you want to believe you're doing the best for your kid. You want to believe that if a women is doing it totally different than you, she must be doing it wrong, because if she was doing it right, then you should be doing it too.


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PODCAST: Our Definition of "Killing It"

Well for the first time...maybe ever...we didn't go off the rails this episode. We talk lots about our business and social interactions on our platforms. Social media is like a mutual relationship. We are here for you, and you are here for us. But what exactly are we here for? What is our mission? We break it all down in this podcast.



  • We did so many things for so long that were "schlepy" but we just said yes and we showed up. But those were the baby steps we needed to take in order to get to where we are today.

  • When someone refers to anything you do as "little" - they can go f*ck themselves! You don't say "How's your little job going?" or "How's that little thing you do?" That is so condescending. Don't put the word "little" in it.

  • A lot of people have DMed us recently and said that we're killing it, but to us "killing it" would mean something larger. We don't think we'll ever feel like we're killing it.

  • If you are in this industry, and you are chasing something, it is a cycle that will never end because someone will always be bigger than you. So before you go and try to chase a number, think about what you're doing with your number, and remember that those numbers are actually people.

  • We're not trying to please the people who we don't have, we're trying to talk to the people who are with us right now. We're talking to YOU, always to you. Of course we need to keep growing so we can keep sharing our message, that's what we need to do, but it's not our sole mission to find other people.

  • Everyone is chasing this number that doesn't exist. You could have 3 million followers, but they might just be following you because you wear cute pants. They aren't actually your people. Your people are the ones you need to be taking care of - they are your relationship.

  • A lot of these girls have been with us since the beginning, and we have gone through this journey together. We've been there for them consistently, and they can always count on us to be there for them and talk to them, and that's why the relationship is so strong. And that's why they show up for us, because we've been a part of their lives.

  • People are chasing a trend. If something is getting a lot of "likes" on social media, people decide they want to do the same. But you need to stop and focus on what YOU are, not what everyone else likes.

  • As we grow and evolve, our mission is always the same but our content is changing, and that's a good thing.


  • How we do it is very different than most people do it, and our life right now is so ass-backwards but so are we. But rather than apologizing and being "bad moms" for it, we're owning it and being okay with the moms we are. And it all might change next year, but right now, this is who we are.

  • Just because I'm away, I love my kids the same as a mom who's with her kids day in and day out. Just because I go to work every day, I love my kids the same. Just because I don't cook for them every meal, I love my kids the same. We all love our kids the same.

  • I'm not going to apologize for who I am. I'm a good mom. Do I make mistakes? F*ck yes. Am I perfect? F*ck no. But overall, am I doing a good job? YES!


  • The only way that you're going to stand out, the only way you're going to survive, is to be yourself. Because nobody in the whole world is exactly like you.

  • We're in transition right now, and we often don't know it until we're through it, but I can feel it. Because abnormal situations now feel normal, and that's not normal.

  • The reason we keep going and we keep growing is because we follow the way that we feel, which leads us to do things that are exciting and fun and brand new.

  • It is so hard to be confident in yourself because the world gives you mixed messages all the time. So to be fully confident in yourself, confident in your voice and in you as a person, that is really rare.

  • If you struggle with not knowing what you you want and not knowing who you are, continue on the journey to find out. Because even if you chip at it a little bit every year, you'll get closer.

  • If you always step right, step left once in a while. Just jump! What's going to happen?


Modern Motherhood Event in NYC:


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PODCAST: You Have to Go Get What You Want

This week's episode starts off with some serious chats about being relentless and fearless in business and in life (and raising kids with the same characteristics), and then it naturally moves into stories about the best night out in Chicago, no-phone policies and eye-f**king. Turning insightful conversations into sex talk, it's what we do best over here 😜

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  • So many people are sitting there waiting and they think that it's just going to happen or show up at their door. It's not, it won't, and if you want something, you have to go get it.

  • If you are someone who is sitting at an office job and you want a different job, figure out what skills you can offer somebody who doesn't know what skills you have.

  • Listen to the universe and do what you have to do. Sometimes it means taking a step back to take a step forward, but you have to re-align yourself and not be afraid.

  • There are no excuses for anybody to say they are not able to do something, because there's Google. You can learn to do anything, if you're determined to figure it out.

  • Just because a company or something that you really want to do says "no" to you, never just take that as a "no." Take it as a "not right now." You can change people's minds.


  • Don't be afraid to show your kids how you feel about things because they need to learn how to check their own feelings. They have to understand that it's okay to have big feelings, but to not take those feelings out on other people and make others feel bad in the process.

  • If you are feeling like you're out of control and off the rails when it comes to parenting, remember that the only thing that matters is that you're happy. If you can walk in the door with a smile, then nothing else matters to your kids.

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PODCAST: We Must Be Doing Something Right

This week's episode is all about sharing positive and consistent messages with your partner and kids in order to turn the mom guilt into pride. But of course we experience a few interruptions from flying squirrels and dick talk...

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TOP QUOTES from this episode:

  • "There are 700 different ways to parent, but the one you choose will be the right one. As long as you believe it, your kids will too, because they trust you and look at you to be the leader. "

  • "That's why it's our job as parents to teach our kids to be okay, and to be happy, with life and the situations we're in. That's why it's our job to flip the script and squash the guilt and shame that we, as moms, carry around with us every day."

  • "How we describe our job and our unique situation to our kids is opening up the conversation and bringing light to how all moms do it differently. If you sit there and you beat yourself up, talk negatively about yourself and apologize for going to work, your kids will think it's a bad thing. Instead, we choose to look at our situation and think that it's amazing, and we say out loud that it's amazing, so that our kids believe the same."

PODCAST: Continue To Search For What Feels Right

No matter what anyone says, we will always deliver the message we're trying to convey in the only way we know how - the message of acceptance, and that "you are enough". And one thing about us is that we aren't afraid of changing things when they don't feel right. We know we don't know everything. We're not afraid of continuing to search for what feels right if we're exploring new things and land somewhere that doesn't feel secure. Anywhoo....that's a whole lot of deep conversation but don't worry, we still manage to talk about sex in this one. 

PODCAST: We Want Our Kids To Be Resilient

We want to ensure we're not just teaching our kids to be kind but also teaching them that keeping their voice and being true to themselves is just as important as being kind.  Being resilient is at the core of both who we want them to be and what it takes to be an entrepreneur. 

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NEW PODCAST: We're Done Being Nice

As two women tackling a heck of a lot on a daily basis between our business and our families, we got to a point where we realized we are just done being nice to individuals before we've been nice to ourselves.  Don't compromise yourself to try and be nice to someone else because that's when people get exhausted and defeated.  Stay true to yourself and you'll be much better off. Oh, and swallow your balls.....that's an inside joke for anyone who listens to the full episode.

Looking for the best Mother's Day gift?  We just released a limited amount of signed book + game bundles over at 


So some of you guys might know and some of you might not, but we're currently on tour for the most unconventional book club ever and we decided to press record for a small clip of our show because we realize not all of ya'll have the opportunity to join us on tour. So here's a snippet from our Morristown, NJ show.  Let us know if ya'll like hearing these and we can release some more!

And it's not too late to join us in person! Head to to see all the next tour dates! 

NEW PODCAST: All Aboard The Cat & Nat Cruise

For any of you who have followed us for a while you'd know that we've been adamant about tackling a Cat & Nat cruise as our next business move. What would a Cat & Nat cruise look like?  We let our imaginations take over in this one and never say never because it might just happen one day. 

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NEW PODCAST: Living for Monday's vs. Friday's

Do you think we could actually get through an entire episode being serious about entrepreneurship? Well, we didn't, BUT we did talk a lot about the types of jobs we've had and what our motivations behind them were.  Lots of entrepreneur talk, but also the occasional masturbation discussion. 

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Why Women Should Hire Women

It's so rewarding to us to hire other women to help us grow this community of women. We understand each others pressures.  We understand each other's work ethic. Women will communicate when they have something to say. And we understand each other's circumstances, without judgement. We're all about it, and we tell you a little bit about our approach in this episode. 

We also get into what makes us "good moms"....whatever that means. Plus a phone call from Nat's Mom as we tell her we made #1 on the Globe and Mail Bestsellers List again.  To get the book head over to