PODCAST: Never Apologize For What You Want (Or Don't Want)

In this episode, we talk all about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and why not everyone is cut out for it, the whole culture of collaboration over competition and why it doesn't always work in business, and why women shouldn't have to defend themselves if they choose not to go back to work after they have kids. Once we cover all of that, we start listing off all the things we don't want to see men doing (ie. sitting on toilets, shaving their balls, flossing their teeth, etc.) which took the conversation right into bathtub sex and a story that has never been told before (like ever)!!

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  • The hard part about being an accidental entrepreneur is that we didn't sit down one day and say that we're going to start a business, and this is what the five-year plan is, and here's what we're going to do and this is how we're going to make money - it all just happened. Our husbands don't understand our method and don't think our approach is a good way to run a company. But with that being said, as long as you get the sh*t done by the end of the day, that's all that matters. And how you do it sometimes matters but if you have a different system or way, that's okay!

  • Being an entrepreneur seems like it's the thing of the future - it's what everybody wants to do because you can write your own schedule and have your own thing. So everyone wants to do it, but not everyone's made for it, which is hard.

  • The mom space on social media is so much about collaboration over competition, but that culture of supporting everyone doesn't always make sense and isn't actually possible when it comes down to business. If it doesn't jive business wise, don't take it personally. But if you're trying to grow your business and do collaborations and partnerships, don't stop - keep asking! What's the worst that can happen?

  • When it comes to marketing and growing a business effectively, you have to get over this idea of collaborating with people who have hundreds of thousands of followers and focus on collaborating within your community instead. You have to get to the people who are in your tribe and who are actually listening and engaged. Do not underestimate the people who are with you right now.


  • If you're a mom and you feel like you should be doing something because your kids are back at school, and you should be making money and should become an entrepreneur, you have to realize that if you don't actually want to do it, you will not be successful. So stop wasting money trying to do it and stop wasting headspace of being obsessed with trying to make it happen.

  • For some reason women have to defend themselves when they don't want to go back to work. But if it’s your choice to pick your kids up after school and be home with them, don't apologize for that. It’s okay. You're allowed to do it and good for you for making that choice! If you want to do something, do something - but you don't have to become an entrepreneur just because you feel like you should. We need to give women permission to not apologize for taking time off.


  • Sometimes when you have and idea for a business, logically it does not make sense to sound professionals who say it will not work and it defies the way you're supposed to do things, but you have to be so confident in what you're doing and stick with what feels right.

  • Don't expect anyone to do your work for you. You and I never asked anyone for a favour - we hustle and hustle until we figure it out.


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