PODCAST: Everyone Has A Different Capacity

In this episode, we chat about all the things in life that women have to dedicate their time and energy to on a daily basis (relationship, home, kids, work, friends, self etc.) and how it’s impossible to give each area of your life an equal amount of focus at one time. We also discuss the fact that everyone has a different capacity and how you should never compare yourself and what you’re capable of to that of someone else. The conversation goes on a bit of a tangent and we go OFF THE RAILS , but we finish things off by leaving you with three pieces of homework: try and figure out what your capacity is, make a vision board, and if you really want something, tell yourself you want it and you deserve it and then work hard for it.

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  • Before you got married and had kids, if you wanted to be successful at something, you put all of your focus into it. If you have your mind on something, you’re driven towards it. And when there are only a couple things to think about, it’s very easy to feel like you’re on the right path and things are moving. Then all of a sudden you throw in a husband, a house, a business, 7 kids, a dog - and it’s hard! I can never take enough time to focus on one thing to realize that things are actually moving and are successful, because I’m really just trying to keep up with everything.

  • There are ebbs and flows in every aspect of life. Sometimes your career is going to be on fire and you’re focusing so much on it that your relationship and your kids are lacking, but other times, your kids are going to have all of your attention and other areas of your life will take a backseat.


  • There shouldn’t even be an argument about working moms vs. stay at home moms because they are both full time jobs that completely consume us.


  • Don’t ever beat yourself up and feel like you’re not doing enough when you’re at your capacity. It’s so important to not compare yourself to other people because nobody is born with the same capacity. The capacity you have doesn’t define you as good or bad. Because someone can do more than you, it doesn’t mean you’re not doing enough or not doing the best that you can. That’s where comparison comes in.

  • Stop thinking of the very worst and start thinking about the very fun.

  • People who are successful and make things happen, they put it out into the universe. When you say it out loud, you make your path. The path is open for you. That’s the biggest hurdle for a lot of people who don’t know how to get through. You have to believe you deserve it.

  • In any part of life, if you don’t believe you’re worth it, you won’t get it. So many people who are in bad relationships and who get in ruts every day truly believe that they’re not worth something better.


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