PODCAST: You Have A Voice

It's back to school for the kids and back to work for us! In this week's episode we focus on all things content - what it is, how we are consuming it and how it’s shaping our society, how we create it and what we do when we find ourselves in a "content rut" as a brand and a business. And of course when things get too serious, we throw in some dirty talk because that's just how we roll.

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  • Creating content is our job. And content is basically ideas that are shared on different platforms. Why content is so f*cked up is because people consume it as though it is their own ideas and beliefs, so they begin to follow whatever they want to follow and internalize it. Content is now your voice and your connection to the world, so be careful of what you're consuming, because it will become a part of you. What you follow is what you're thinking. It's no longer conversations with people that shape your thoughts, it's what you're reading on social media every day.

  • If you are struggling with what content is or how to make it, all you need to do is dial in to who you are because you have a unique voice. People forget that their content comes from within them. It's not something you look around to create - you have to share what is your own unique voice in this world.

  • It's so much easier said than done to find your own voice and know your own self. But you don't have to be an expert in what you know, all you have to do is share what you're thinking. There is no right or wrong in sharing what you're thinking... unless you have strong opinions on something that's bad or wrong, but even then you'll still have an audience. You have a voice.

  • You can Google how to make content - that's how crazy the Internet is right now. There are even spreadsheets online that tell you what content does well. It's foolproof other than you being a fool for not trying it!

  • If you are struggling with content right now, it does not have to be on brand. Just get content out. If you're in a content rut, get it out and let it go. You never know what's going to resonate with someone. So don't just sit there and try to think about something super intellectual or moving to share, talk about what you're living and that will most likely be interesting to people.

  • When we're in a content rut, we share what we're feeling because it's always something that is honest and something we don't have to think a lot about. We sometimes go to old content and pull it back up again because it is our content, so why not re-use it? Why try to re-create something that we used two years ago that we loved and still resonates today? You can post a memory, if you're stuck, just throwback to something. Don't overthink this - you make content in your head all day.

  • If you ever think that someone is bigger than you or better than you, just think about the weird sh*t they do in the bedroom. Just think about that. Everyone's the same.

  • Every person who looks like they're succeeding is definitely struggling with something. No one is 100% succeeding. No one's life is 100%. So if they're killing it in one area, something else is failing. That's life.


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