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PODCAST: We Must Be Doing Something Right

This week's episode is all about sharing positive and consistent messages with your partner and kids in order to turn the mom guilt into pride. But of course we experience a few interruptions from flying squirrels and dick talk...

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TOP QUOTES from this episode:

  • "There are 700 different ways to parent, but the one you choose will be the right one. As long as you believe it, your kids will too, because they trust you and look at you to be the leader. "

  • "That's why it's our job as parents to teach our kids to be okay, and to be happy, with life and the situations we're in. That's why it's our job to flip the script and squash the guilt and shame that we, as moms, carry around with us every day."

  • "How we describe our job and our unique situation to our kids is opening up the conversation and bringing light to how all moms do it differently. If you sit there and you beat yourself up, talk negatively about yourself and apologize for going to work, your kids will think it's a bad thing. Instead, we choose to look at our situation and think that it's amazing, and we say out loud that it's amazing, so that our kids believe the same."

PODCAST: Continue To Search For What Feels Right

No matter what anyone says, we will always deliver the message we're trying to convey in the only way we know how - the message of acceptance, and that "you are enough". And one thing about us is that we aren't afraid of changing things when they don't feel right. We know we don't know everything. We're not afraid of continuing to search for what feels right if we're exploring new things and land somewhere that doesn't feel secure. Anywhoo....that's a whole lot of deep conversation but don't worry, we still manage to talk about sex in this one. 

What Moms REALLY Want For Mother's Day l #MOMTRUTHS

Somehow after all these years they still think lingerie is what WE want for Mother’s Day 🙅🏼‍♀️🙈 Well we’re kinda over it. Here’s our suggestions for what we REALLY want for Mother’s Day! Share this video with your partner to drop the much needed hint 👇🏻 And Amazon is hooking you up with all of our real suggestions (a.k.a the #MomTruths Collection) over at

NEW VLOG: Mom Brain + Us Weekly in NYC!

Well, it was a day and a half as we literally left a sick baby at home to jump on a morning flight to NYC so we could podcast with Daphne Oz and Hilaria Baldwin for the Mom Brain Podcast (releasing soon) . After that we tried to grab some quick food and that didn’t end up so well, so instead we ditched the food and did a segment at Us Weekly before jumping back in a cab, heading to the airport, and getting back home to that sick baby. How was your Tuesday!? 😂

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Tired, Broke, & Late for EVERYTHING l #MOMTRUTHS

Why are we tired? Don't ask us why we're tired. If you don't have kids yet, you don't get to ask us why we're tired, broke, & late for everything. Honestly, what were we even tired about before we had children?! Can we turn back time and go be that level of "tired" again?

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Why Women Should Hire Women

It's so rewarding to us to hire other women to help us grow this community of women. We understand each others pressures.  We understand each other's work ethic. Women will communicate when they have something to say. And we understand each other's circumstances, without judgement. We're all about it, and we tell you a little bit about our approach in this episode. 

We also get into what makes us "good moms"....whatever that means. Plus a phone call from Nat's Mom as we tell her we made #1 on the Globe and Mail Bestsellers List again.  To get the book head over to