PODCAST: Entrepreneurs Are Not Predictable

In this week's episode, we cover many different topics - from jealousy and competition, to hair obsessions and the people we admired growing up, to a dramatic Dateline episode and parenting conundrums. But the biggest takeaway for all y'all listening, is to break the rules in life, in motherhood and in business. It's not about rebelling, it's about following your heart rather than your brain.

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  • People always ask how we grew our business, but there is no formula to be an entrepreneur. If you're starting a company with an idea for a product or service that is not an already proven success, then you really have to go at it alone.

  • Entrepreneurs change their mind a lot, and they often don't have an explanation for it, they're just basing their decisions off of feelings.

  • You can't apply what we did to grow our business to any other situation. Our advice can help you in your life and in your business relationships, but in terms of formulating a business plan based on what we've done, our journey is like none other and that's what yours should be too.

  • One piece of advice we can give to people who are starting a business, and you can either watch us do it or hear us say it, is to not give a fuck what other people are thinking and doing and to not follow in somebody else's path.

  • Everybody has something they're good at. If you're passionate about something, you will make money naturally. If you do what you're passionate about, you will be the best in that field, and you will rise amongst everybody else. And because you enjoying doing it, and it doesn't feel like work, you'll do it all the time.

  • Don't sit around and wait for people to contact you, because it won't get you anywhere. Take matters into your own hands and shit will start happening. People are busy and opportunities won't just land in your lap if you don’t create it yourself. If you think you're not successful because people aren't reaching out or aren't responding to you, be persistent and consistent - continue to call them and email them. What do you have to lose?


  • Tricky behaviours are often masked in different ways, and you really can't personalize your kid's behaviour and make it about you. They don't set out to be jerks to you. It's not about your kid being a jerk in life, it's about your kid having a moment of being a jerk. Ignore it, don't give them the time and watch to see what happens. It's so hard not to give attention to the negative behaviour, but just try not to engage in the battlefield.

  • The key to parenting is to do less, and that's not being lazy, it's making your kids more capable.


  • When you're feeling overwhelmed, think about what you're grateful for and often that takes the dialogue out of your own head and puts it into something else.

  • Fuck the rules sometimes. In motherhood and entrepreneurship, you have to follow your heart, not your brain. Let go of the rules; challenge them. But don't do it just to be a rebel, do it because you feel that what you believe is right.

  • When you become okay with what you're doing for you, people will become okay with you the way that you are.


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