PODCAST: Your Worth Isn't Tied To Anybody

We're back with our FOURTH season of #MOMTRUTHS, The Podcast! In this episode, we chat about how to get your head back into a good space so that you can move forward in business, breaking free from trends, and what's next for us. Of course we go on a million different tangents and drop a few f-bombs throughout, but that's just how we roll.

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  • Personally, you can feel great and amazing. But as an entrepreneur, there are times when you're going to feel like you're not enough or you're frustrated because everyone is doing more than you and it looks like everyone is making more money and moving faster, and just when you start to master something, somebody else is onto the next thing.

  • In our area, when I see people who have become successful in something we would like to eventually be successful in, I feel proud for them. I feel so happy that they finally got there and it also motivates me! Sometimes when it looks like things aren't working or you feel like things are chugging along slower, it helps you realize that it can still happen for you too.

  • The people who are more successful are motivators. If they can do it, so can we.

  • Our journey isn't about acceleration. We can never jump a step and we have to do things in a way that makes sense because we have no training in anything, so we constantly do tiny steps.

  • You have been taught to believe that when something is a proven success, you can imitate the same format and be successful. So sometimes that is a safe bet, although for longevity, if you're not unique, you're not going to last.

  • If you are feeling like you're not enough when you look at Instagram and your likes and your follows, take a page from Gary Vee and post things that you know won't do well because I think you alleviate the pressure. Post things that mean something to you, not to somebody else. Start posting things that make you feel good for you even though other people don't value it. F*ck the trend. Maybe that will alleviate your anxiety.

  • Make sure you wake up and actually like what you're doing. You can have moments where you don't like it, but you need to be able to say that you like your mission, your product, and your brand. Because if you don't like it, people are going to feel it.


  • We don't try to be something we're not. It would be so exhausting to copy people. Be inspired, but don't copy.

  • We don't wait for anybody. No one can get you anywhere, only you can get yourself there.

  • Your worth is not tied to anybody. No one is bigger than you.

  • If you feel like you're failing the game, go start your own game.


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